Welcome to my development website! I do cool stuff here. Follow @Phascinate
Hi! I'm Phascinate. I'm an independant (it's only one person!) app developer on Google Play. As I'm only one person, all I ask is that you have mercy on my soul when sending emails about apps. I read ALL emails I receive. If I don't respond for some reason, be assured that I did see your email. If you need to contact me, please email me at [email protected].
Projects I'm currently working on:
  • Skin Creator for Minecraft
  • Skin Pirate for Minecraft
  • DAC Fix for LG V10
  • More to come later.
    For coming to my horribly-designed website, here's an adorable kitten:
    [error loading picture of adorable kitten. that's a shame because it would have changed your life]
    I'm an app developer, not a web designer!